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Lintax Management Inc.: Taxation Services for the GTA

Since 1987, Lintax Management Inc. has been providing assistance to Mississauga and the surrounding GTA small business community in the areas of accounting, taxation and consulting. We’ll provide you with an individualized experience with your retirement planning , estates and wills , business incorporation and US and international taxes .

Our dedication to providing an affordable, courteous and reliable service to our clients has been our greatest advantage. Our range of experience and knowledge involve the areas of accounting and taxation that affect small businesses. Whatever your business structure, whether it is proprietorship, partnership or corporation, we will provide the ultimate experience in client service.

Our Mission

At Lintax Management Inc., our mission is to provide timely, effective solutions and continuing service to our clients, so that our reputation as trusted and reliable advisors spreads throughout the community.

Give our team a call today to learn how our services can help you!

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to foster a caring society in our daily business activities through exemplary conduct, such as:

  • Reducing paper waste inside the office
  • Advertising in local church bulletins
  • Giving way in traffic jams while rushing to a business appointment
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